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About Us

Welcome Home to Fair Oaks Care Home At Monte Park

Fair Oaks Care Home At Monte Park is licensed under the State of California as a non-medical Residential Care Facility and is made to house up to five tenants. We offer our specialized attention and services to those who need additional care, experience health issues, or are no longer capable of living alone.

  • Small Private Facility. Our house is in a residential neighborhood ultimately creating a relaxed environment meant for socialization and fun. Our home’s size is just right to where residents can feel like a member of our close-knit community.
  • Privately Owned. Management is devoted to and focused on operating our facility. Constant instruction is given to our caregivers to better care for our family at Fair Oaks Care Home At Monte Park.
  • Incomparable Location. Our household showcases a comfortable floor layout including an outside patio where our staff encourages movement and a calming, relaxing fresh breath of air for our residents. This specific location is extremely accessible and simple to reach for any visitors as well.
  • All-Inclusive Care. Here we create a stress-free atmosphere where all basic supplies, foods, and services are cared for and covered in one simple, cost-effective rate.

Meet the Owner

Zelka Tomasic, owner/administrator has operated RCFE facilities for 7 years and has worked in elder care for a total of 17 years. She has worked as HHA in San francisco for 5 years before working the sub-acute unit at St. Lukes Hospital for another 5 years. She is compasionate with her residents. She also displays a constant drive to improve the care and treatment her people receive from Doctors, Therapists, pharmacies and various programs. She has some wonderful success stories, and a few sad ones as well, this is elderly care, sometimes it's tough. But Zelka carries on, trying to make each day count for all in her care.

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