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Fair Oaks, California

Fair Oaks Care Home At Monte Park

"Caring People Touching Lives"

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Welcome Home at Fair Oaks Care Home At Monte Park

Our senior living experience is a stress-free home for your dearest of loved ones. Here at Fair Oaks Care Home At Monte Park, we pride ourselves with daily upkeep of our clean and comfortable home. Our friendly personnel are here to ensure that our residents enjoy a safe, healthy residential experience.

Located within a quiet, clean, and friendly neighborhood, with multiple rooms - from spacious solo to common areas, we have a unique layout that is sure to make you or your loved one feel at home. Fair Oaks Care Home At Monte Park care home experience removes the hardships faced when living on your own. Our license allows us to care for no more than five beloved residents at once that we help care for and support.


Our Philosophies: We believe in treating every individual with compassion, dignity, and respect. We allow and encourage our occupants to be as independent as possible yet are there for whatever they may need.

Our Mission: We aim to provide the finest assisted-living experience there is for our residents.


May you have peace of mind in knowing your family member or loved one is well taken care of at Fair Oaks Care Home At Monte Park.

For additional information regarding our home or our services, click on the “Schedule A Tour” button or call +1 916-267-3867 to schedule your visit today!

 It is with great gratitude that I write this letter commending Zelka Tomasic, proprietor of Fair Oaks Care Home at Monte Park, for her recent excellent care of my mother in her last months.   Zelka's home is clean and welcoming, with white tile floors, with neatly set uncluttered furnishings, a sunny backyard and patio. Mom's room was packed with the collections of her lifetime and Zelka set up her room so that she was comfy, even though Mom was on full time oxygen and was mostly paralyzed. 
  Zelka would carefully monitor Mom's many medications, blood oxygen levels, and blood pressure. She kept in constant contact with Mom's doctors regarding care and any adjustments to medications that were required.

We are completely delighted with the high standard of care provided by Zelka. 
We appreciate the warmth, cleanliness, integrity and professionalism displayed at this facility.

Jessica Chasko

My sister was a resident of Zelka's carehome for over three years. In those three years I spoke with my sis each day. She was well taken care of. When I had the chance to visit, Zelka invited me to stay at her facility, as she happened to have a bed available. I'm in my late 80's and do not drive, so this gave my in town family a break from transporting me to and fro each day. My sister and I were able to enjoy long visits, Zelka provided lovely meals and snacks, and my family members were able to stop and visit at their convenience.
  I am grateful that my sister was so lucky as to find this place. Thank you Zelka.     

D. Hal Jousae

In regards to the care that my mother received at Zelka's...
My mother had urinary/kidney problems, congestive heart failure, borderline diabetes and suffered from the fear of being alone. These problems made providing for her comfort and care very exhausting. I know, because I stayed with her for 3 months the previous year.
  When I visited, I found Mom's care attentive and responsive in a clean, warm, comfortable environment.
Zelka treated Mom with great sensitivity to her dignity. She also took great care with homemade meals, outings, daily walks personal hygiene and dedication.
  I saw great changes in Mom during this time. She became happier, involved with her roommates, interested in doing things and working on her exercises.
  I attribute these changes to Zelka's devotion to her clients.

I am so grateful for all the help that Zelka gave our family during this time.

Gail Schwartz

IHello, my name is Steven Smith, I was recently hospitalized without the use of my legs. Upon my discharge I chose to stay at Fair Oaks Care Home at Monte Park, for my rehab and recovery. Zelka was very kind and professional during my stay. Zelka assisted with my needs, including medications, exercise and healthy meals. Zelka also assisted me with my shower and toilet needs as I could not walk at the time. In  my nearly one month stay at this facility I received excellent care and attention. This facility is perfectly set up for anyone requiring home health care needs with a level of care that I was truly impressed with. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone requiring home health care needs. Thank you so much Zelka.

Steve Smith